Magic Park Stables


Our farm Magic Park Stables is operated and owned by Royne Zetterman and Sofia Farman Zetterman. We educate, compete and sell young talented show jumping horses of the highest quality. We invest in promising young horses that we give a solid education during a longer period of time before getting sold. Therefore we always have many well educated horses for sale, young once as well as older experienced horses at Grand Prix level.

Magic Park Stables is a new-built show jumping stable of top quality. This facility has everything needed for educating show jumping horses at top level. The summer of 2012 this place was just a verdant birch grove at 16 hectare before Magic Park Stables started to grow in. At this point our farm is consisting of 28 boxes in a heated stable, wash stall, solarium, 2 tack rooms, treadmill, big storage of hay, feed and shavings. An isolated indoor with fibersand from De Grondslag that measures 28*90 m, the indoor also contains a cafeteria with a VIP section. An outdoor arena with the same footing that measures 53*83 m, a grass arena that measures 65*180 m. We have many sand and grass fields for the horses. Around the hole facility we have gallop track that measures about 1500 m. The farm has two living houses, a 4 m deep excavated lake with sand beach that to Roynes delight contains rainbow trout. Next to the lake with an amazing view we have two log cabins with fireplace for our guests.

We are looking forward to you contacting us if you are searching for a promising young horse for the future ore a more experienced older horse. We sell horses to a big international market and therefore we also have wide spread contacts.

We give lessons to a certain extent (especially Sofia) when time allows. In the future we hope to give an exclusive opportunity to a student to join our team and train and compete with there own horses together with us. Favourable to someone that bought a horse from us.

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